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Illustrator (and sproutling)

Projects & events

To be coming
2018 - Flashsnack (Toungstoune): Page artist, merch artist, designer
2018 to 2022 - A February's Spring - Author
2019 to 2022 - XiCheng & Jiang Cheng fan events: Guest artist
2022 - In my heart - AsuTai fanbook: Page artist
2022 - Demon Parade - Onmyoji fanzine: Page artist
17-18 September 2022: Festival Harajuku (Paris) - Stand 31 (Toungstoune - won't be present)
15 October 2022 - 15 January 2023: Exposition L'Âme du Lotus, Trà-Art (Paris)
3-4 December 2022: Y/con (Villejuif) - Stand C2 (Tougstoune)


Q: Give us some personal infos!
I'm a twenty-something year-old sproutling born and residing in France, of Vietnamese ethnicity. I wanted to study botany and horticulture but ended up graduating with a Bachelor and Master's degree in digital art directing.
Q: What fandoms are you part of?
I mostly draw Mo Dao Zu Shi (mainly Jiang Cheng and XiCheng) and Onmyoji fanarts but I also like a bunch of games, mangas and webcomics, although I don't actively take part in the community at all. I'm actually also a K-pop and J-pop listener.
Q: Can I repost your artwork?
Please ask me directly for reposts; as a general rule I don't allow NSFW or original works to be reposted and strictly prohibit reposts on Instagram and Pinterest.
Q: Can I use your artwork? I'll credit you!
For personal use that won't be shared anywhere, sure. For commercial use: no. For personal works such as fics: please ask beforehand but generally, no.
Q: Please produce more P4P, I miss it all the time :((
I open P4P only when I want to produce a specific item and it's cheaper/more practical to order big quantities; otherwise it's not worth it for me. It's extremely energy-draining, sometimes stressful due to possible extra costs and fees but also a lot of work for me to handle alone.
Q: Why don't you talk more about fandom issues?
Because I'm very tired.
Q: Why aren't you more active? Want to join my discord server?
My activities online are only a hobby and a way for me to relax. Also, groupchats are pretty anxiety-inducing to me so I don't join any unless I'm close to everyone in there.
Q: Are there any topics I should avoid with you? NOTPs?
I'm usually uncomfortable when anyone talks about dieting, weight etc. for personal reasons. I can also get iffy around cultural/racial/LGBTQIA+ issues because I feel strongly about those but I'm totally open to talk about it privately!
My NOTP for MDZS is ChengQing (that's about it).
Q: Could you please make a tutorial about [...]? Or help me figure out [...]?
It depends but feel free to ask me! I'll help you out if I think I have the ability to.
Q: How can I support you?
In a lot of ways! Like, retweet, comment on my works! Share it around! If you want to help me financially, I have a Ko-Fi but you can also buy my merch <3


who am I

Chibi Ran / Ran / Lan, any pronouns are OK!Most call me Ran though! I'm currently in my twenties and post illustrations and comics online. I'm mostly active on Twitter and draw more fanart than original art lately. Also, I'm pretty slow so I don't post that much.
You can talk to me in English or French!
To know more about me or my works: Read the FAQ

about this carrd

This carrd is only for my activity online as "Ran", a hobbyist and fanartist and is separated from my professional activies.If you want to work with me (except for commissions), please contact me through Twitter DMs or view my graphic design and illustration portfolio on tumblr


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CHIBIChibi style characters with no background or simple background — Past commissions examples30€+15€ / additional character
INKSA6, black ink and gold (+ one optional color), original copy shipped and scanned — Past commissions examples45€+5€ / additional character, +25€ for 16*24cm size or painting on rice paper fan, additional fees can be added for special materials like mother-of-pearl or foils
FULL ILLUSTRATIONDigital painting, fully colored piece100€+30€ / additional character, +40€ for complex designs or backgrounds

Process of commissions

Contact & concept
To commission me, please contact me either through Twitter or e-mail (commission button up here). We’ll discuss together of the illustration you want. Please have references ready and do provide them to me ; the process will be smoother that way.
Note: I don't differenciate headshots/busts/... and full body commissions! I'm also ok with most themes including NSFW but I'll also tell you if I'm not comfortable/don't feel fit for the piece you have in mindSketch
After we agree on the concept of your illustration, I’ll send you either one or several sketches that might match what you want. Once you pick one of them, I’ll work on the final illustration.
Mid-point check
For full illustrations, a mid-point check can be done. I’ll send you a colored sketch / thumbnail so we can see if the color scheme is roughly what you wanted. From there on, I won’t be able to make any major modifications.
You can always contact me to keep track on progress if you’d like to but please take into account that art takes time and that excessive pressure can cause stress !
I’ll send you the final artwork through email. For inked commissions, I’ll also ask you for your delivery information if you haven’t given them to me yet so I can send it to you through tracked mail. Once it’s sent, I’ll also provide you with a tracking number.
All payments are processed through Paypal : an invoice will be sent to you after we settle on the price of your piece. Commissions should be fully paid upfront (upon agreement and order) except for full illustrations for which you will have the choice to either pay it fully or in two installments : a first payment of 60 % (deposit) and the remaining 40 % either upon confirmation mid-point check or upon delivery.

Terms of service

Before commissioning me, please read the Terms and Conditions of Service below
The Artist and the Client agree on the following terms through the order of a custom artwork (the Commission) :
— 1. AGREEMENT OF COMMISSION1a. Subject of commissions
The Commission will be made according to the terms of service that constitutes the contract between the Artist and the Client.
A unique artwork created by the Artist will be delivered to the Client and are to be used for the Client’s personal usage only. A description of the work will be provided by the Client beforehand and the illustration fee will be defined upon agreement on the nature of the work.
1b. Decline of service
The Artist has the right to decline a commission request and will in this case, notify the Client of the refusal. The Artist is however in no obligation of stating the reason of the refusal for privacy.
1c. Cancellation of Commission
The Artist reserves the right to cancel the commission due to harrassment, rude behaviour, incomplete payment or any breach of the terms of service.
The Client can cancel the commission at any moment before the Artist starts to work on the final artwork, upon agreement of the two parties.
— 2. SCHEDULE OF COMMISSION2a. Start of the contract and commission
The contract of the Commission will take effect as soon as an agreement is made between the two parties, upon any first or full payment for the service. Once the agreement is settled, the Artist will comply and go through the process of the Commission with the Client.
2b. Deadline
The Commission will be made in an average production time of a month but the Artist does not hold themselves to a strict schedule of delivery due to possible private issues and will not give the Client a fixed delivery date.
2c. Flexibility and delays
The schedule and production process can be delayed on mutual agreement of the two signed parties, the Artist and the Client. The Artist will not accept any commission that must be done on short-notice or that has a strict deadline ; the Client must agree to have a flexible schedule. The Artist reserves the right to delay the delivery of the work if the Client does not comply to requests made by the Artist or lacks communication. The Artist also reserves the right to delay the schedule and/or apply an additional fee for any request that might shorten the deadline or lengthen the production process such as excessive or late modification requests.
2d. Delivery
The Commission will be provided to the Client as a jpeg, pdf or png file but the Artist will not provide the original or work files except in the case of physical inked Commission. The Artist is not responsible for the good delivery of any physical Commission and all responsability is handled to the shipping company as well as the Client’s ability to receive the Commission.
— 3. ARTIST'S ENGAGEMENT3.a General engagement
The Artist commits to using their artistic and professional skills to lead to the completion of the Client’s request and the production of the Commission and will deliver the said requested work on agreed terms. They will also provide proof of process and regularly take contact with the Client in order to deliver the Commission and help them through the conceptualisation of their request.
3b. Requests regarding the Client
The Artist will provide the Client a preview of the Commission at any time during the creation process upon request that isn’t deemed as excessive or harrassment. The Artist will also reply to any questions the Client might have before starting on the work to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible for both parties but reserves the right to turn down any request or questions that makes the Artist uncomfortable.
— 4. CLIENT'S ENGAGEMENT4.a General engagement
The Client must read the Terms of Service and checked Commission availability and price details before contacting the Artist to request their Commission. The Client have to commit their time to be available to validate the process of the Commission and be involved in the communication to lead to the successful completion of the service provided by the Artist. According to the Terms of service, the Client may not request changes to the Commission after approval of the draft, unless a mutual agreement has been made between the two Parties.
4.b Client requirements
The Client must provide personal information such as their real full name as well as postal address in the case of Commissions that require a physical delivery. The Client must also provide the Artist all the details and information asked regarding the nature of the Commission, including the subject, themes and references. As per contract, the Client must be contacted throughout the process and must thus provide a communication mean if they cannot be reached through Twitter or email.
4.c Age requirement
In the case of any Commission that involves adult content, violence or nudity, the Client must be able to provide proof that they are of legal adult age in France (over 18 years old). The Client thus must be comfortable in providing such personal information otherwise, the Artist reserves the right to cancel or decline the request if the Client is unable to provide proof of identity.
— 5. PAYMENT5.a Schedule of payment and installments
Commissions should be fully paid upfront (upon agreement and order) by the Client who commits to having the financial ressources required before placing an order with the Artist. The Client must pay on time once the Commission has been agreed on, according to the price grid given on the Artist’s page.
If the Client requires a full illustration to be produced, the price of the Commission can be paid in installments : a deposit of 60 % of the full price will be asked after the confirmation of the Commission from both parties involved. The remaining 40 % will be then asked to be paid upon delivery.
5b. Method of payment
All payments must be processed through Paypal. The Artist will send an invoice to the Client with the Terms of Service related to the Commission work. The agreement of the Terms of Service is made through the fulfillment of the payment of the sent invoice. The Artist will not conduct work on the Commission, or deliver the final production of the Commission, until completion of the payment required through the invoice. Once the full payment will be received by the Artist, they commit to completing and delivering the complete Commission to the Client.
5c. Currency
All prices are expressed in Euros through the invoice and payments are expected to be made as such. The Client is responsible for providing the correct amount in the correct currency, converted if needed. No other form of currency or payment will be accepted by The Artist.
5d. Cancellations and refunds
The Artist reserves the right to cancel any Commission for the reasons quoted in Article 1c as well as for cases in which the Client fails to pay the initial payment within fifteen (15) days after the invoice has been sent out.
The Client can cancel the commission at any moment before the Artist starts working on the final production or before the approval of the draft. In which case, the commission’s price will be completely refunded to the Client. However, if the client cancels after the Artist starts working on the final production, no refund will be issued and the Client will be held responsible of the cancellation. For physical Commissions, the Artist is not responsible for any damage or loss of package made by the delivery company. However, if the Artist is judged responsible for any sustainable damage on the Commission, a partial refund can be discussed and agreed upon both parties.
— 6. USES AND COPYRIGHT6.a Personal use
The Client may use the Commission for personal use, on profiles, social media accounts or other personal spaces whether on digital or limited printed physical forms under the condition that the Artist’s name and/or link to the Artist’s website or social media account is displayed along the Commission. Any display outside of a digital or physical personal space is prohibited unless an agreement has been made between the two parties beforehand.
6.b Commercial use
Any commercial use of the Commission is strictly prohibited. The Commission cannot be under any condition be sold to a third-party, put on any kind of auction or be submitted in any kind of online or offline contest or company. The Commission can’t be used in any case, whether partially or fully, for any activity (advertisement, promotions, commercial...) related to non fungible tokens (NFT), crytocurrency or any other blockchain-based technologies. The Client cannot make modifications and use the Commission for commercial merchandise. If the Client wishes to use the Commission for commercial or promotional purposes, they must make it clear to the Artist before any agreement between the two parties is made.
6.c Copyright and moral right
The Artist holds any right of production and reproduction of the Commission requested by the Client.
The Artist may use any images of the Commission for promotional purposes, unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand. The Artist will not publish or use the Commission before the Client’s reception of the completed Commission. The Client is prohibited from using the Artist’s name or Commission to reflect any kind of discredit on the Artist’s reputation and professional image. Thus, the Commission is also prohibited from being used to advertise or be associated with any illegal activity or space. The Commission also cannot be used in any way that might harm any other third party.
6.d Reproduction
The Artist may also sell prints or merchandise of the Commission when given permission from the Client. The Artist may also have access to the Commission and make copies at any time without notice to the Client. The Client might save or produce physical copies of the Commission under the condition it meets the terms stated in Article 6a, 6b and 6c. Any large reproduction, even in personal space, is however prohibited.
— 7. MiscellaneousPrices are subject to change, however, if a Commission’s displayed price on the Artist’s website or social media was to change after the time of purchase, the client will not be reimbursed or billed the difference.
The Terms and Conditions of Service are also subject to change over time but the changes won’t be applied to the Client’s as long as the one submitted through the invoice has been agreed on by both parties unless the Artists requests a change which can be negotiated. The Terms and Conditions and Contract binds both the Artist and the Client and is effective for all the life of the Artist.